5 Tips to Find A Wedding Venue


5 Tips to Find A Wedding Venue

There are many different ways to find a wedding venue, and each one should be considered early.

The best way to find a wedding venue is to visit several places and make inquiries when you book your first interview. Then once you have a few venues that you like, ask if they can help you secure booking rights

Do your research.

Finding a wedding venue takes more than an online search. There are thousands of venues in each state, and browsing through them all is a huge challenge. To make things easier, start with a few specific locations or types of venues and avoid pricing out those options. Instead of looking at every single one, pick several that really appeal to you and call them to set up interviews with their management team.

Know what style of wedding you want.

If you dont know if your wedding will be casual or formal, think about including friends or family members in the planning process. Everyone loves giving other people advice! It can also help guide you when it comes to choosing a dress type and deciding which items to buy.

Choose the right season.

When it comes to choosing a wedding date, especially in smaller towns, youll want to book your wedding for sometime during the winter or summer months. Thats when many couples plan their weddings because they dont have school yet and there are fewer commitments from work or other activities outside of class. While an autumn wedding is a beautiful idea, if thats not possible for you or your partner, think about when schools let out and where you could possibly hold your reception. The more options you have, the better!

Think about your guests.

Before you book a wedding venue, you should have a clear idea of how many people you plan to invite. This is especially important if you are planning on hosting an outdoor wedding. You dont want to book a big ceremony location only to find that it isnt possible to accommodate all your friends and family.

Visit several places.

Before you book your wedding venue, try out a few different locations so you can see how it fits with your other plans or what changes you need to make to accommodate a larger group of people or a quieter area for an intimate ceremony.

Read between the lines.

Dont take the word of your partner about what venue might work for you both. Ask him what ideas he has for locations, but also bring up any concerns you have about sharing space with his family members or friends. If there is no way you can choose one place, then you dont want to spend your time looking at venues where you already agree.